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The Lions Task Force Europe agreed on the need for a permanent European Website, coupled with a file repository. This web portal will allow to have a permanent resource centre in order to make the information circulate, to increase the visibility of the actions of the Lions of Europe and to save documents, images, videos, etc. of the Lions activities in Europe, including the Forum.

The Lions Taskforce Europe (LTE), is a European working group, gathering the European current International Directors, LCIF Officers and Trustees, a group of 6 Past Directors, and international leaders of LCI and LCIF teams, such as the GAT and the LCIF CA Leaders.

The LTE meets reguarily with the pupose of sharing information from the Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees, the international operational teams, and making important and relevant information available to Lions Leaders in Europe.


Pictures on this webpage by courtesy LCI, EF2021, PCC Heikki Hemmilä, and others who kindly submitted pictures.


New Europa Forum Manual

The Long Range Planning Committee Europe has worked hard to rejuvenate the EF Rules of Procedures and, in the process, even updating the name. The new EF Manual was unanimously approved by the Council at the EF 2023 in Klagenfurt (find out more)

Minutes from the LRPCE

The Long Range Planning Committee Europe has decided to make available the minutes of their very important European long range strategic planning meetings. (link to page)
NEW! The latest revision of the ID rotation scheme is now also available on the EF Minutes page as well as on the LRPCE Minutes page

Information from previous and upcoming Europa Forums

This is where you will find the links to recent Europa Forums and to the next Europa Forum , as well as to the minutes of the Council meetings of all Europa Forums since 2012 (link to page)

Power Point presentations and videos from EF 2023 meetings

You will find here, with an upcomming link, videos and presentations from meetings at the Europa Forum 2023

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Messages from our International Leadership

New messages are regularly posted
Welcome back !

Message from International Director
Jürg Vogt

Read the introduction from ID Jürg Vogt, prior to his election, and come back soon for his next message. Jürg Vogt. born in 1956, has been a Lion since 1987, and is married to Lion Iris. He is a businessman in the firefighting industry, an event manager, and has held many positions in the Lions hierarchy in District 102, Switzerland.     (more...)

Message from International Director
Barbara Grewe

Read the introduction from ID Barbara Grewe, prior to her election, and come back soon for her next message.
Barbara Grewe, born in Hamburg in 1958, lives nearby in the Lüneburg Heath area. Barbara studied law, is married and has three sons and three grandchildren     (more...)

Message from International Director
Pirkko Vihavainen

Service Activities Committee meeting, Vancouver, Canada : (Committee report)

Also read the excellent report ID Pirkko presented at the Europe Forum in Klagenfurt  (report at EF 2023)

You can also find the introduction from ID Pirkko Vihavainen, prior to her election:
Pirkko Vihavainen, lives in Juva, Southern Savo, Finland, and is member and charter president of Lions Club Juva/Luonteri. Pirkko is Master of Philosophy, is married to PDG Lion Markku Vihavainen     (more...)

Message from PCC Danyal Kubin
MD118 Turtkey
International Director

Read the introduction from ID Danyal Kubin, prior to his election, and come back soon for his next message.
Danyal ‘Dani’ Kubin joined Lions in Ankara Maltepe Lions Club in 1990. He served as a Board Member of his Club for eight years and President during the 1994-95 fiscal year. Additionally, he served as the Leo Club Advisor for three years. In District 118U he served as District Governor in 2004-05 and served as Council Chairperson in 2017-18 fiscal year in MD118.   (more...)

Message from PDG Marcel Daniëls
MD112 Belgium
International Director

Read the introduction from ID Marcel Daniëls, prior to his election, and come back soon for his next message.
PDG Marcel Daniëls Lions journey started in 1994 and he has since served three times as club president, have been zone and region chairperson, marketing communications manager for MD112 in 2017-2018, district governor in 2019-2020 and again marketing communications manager for MD112 in 2022-2023.   (more...)

Message from PCC Halldór Kristjánsson
MD109 Iceland
International Director

Read the introduction from ID Halldór Kristjánsson, prior to his election, and come back soon for his next message.
Halldór Kristjánsson has been a member of the Lions Club Ásbjörn in Hafnarfjörður since 1979 and lives in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. He is an electrical engineer (Cand. Scient.), with an MBAe buisness degree. He founded an independent IT consulting company in 1986 and has been its CEO from the beginning. He has served on the Board of Directors in a variety of Icelandic companies.   (more...)

Message from PID Manoj Shah, CA8
Endorsed Candidate as
International 3rd Vice-President

With the unanimous endorsement of the Executive Officers and International Board of Directors 2023-24, the Lions of Multiple District 411, Africa (Constitutional Area 8) proudly present Dr. Manoj Shah as a candidate for
International Third Vice President at the Association's International Convention in Melbourne, Australia in 2024.    (more...)

Message from PDG Guy-Bernard Brami
MD103, France
CA4 candidate International Director

Guy-Bernard BRAMI is a member of the Lions Club La Défense, (1st Business district in Europe) since 1983 – 40 years of Lionism – and lives in La Celle Saint Cloud, France.    (more...)

Message from Lorena Hus
D129, Slovenia
CA4 candidate International Director

Lorena Hus, born in Zadar, Croatia, married with Dušan (Lions member too), two sons (both LEO).
Pharmacist, working in National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food.
Member for 25 years, during that time I was president of LC Celje Mozaik, district secretary, DG district 129 Slovenia in 2007/2008. I organized in number of activities at local and national level.
As GLT coordinator for last 10 years, I educated many Lions from Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia and Montenegro, I was Faculty of ALLI in Sofia and ELLI in North Macedonia. I received recertification of my LCIP Certificate.

Message from PDG Karl Brewi
MD114, Austria
CA4 candidate International Director

Born in 1948 in Germany PDG Karl Brewi has been a Lion since 1991, when he joined Lions Club Regensburg/Germany. Since 1993 he is a member of LC Vienna Marc Aurel, after having moved to Austria for professional reasons.    (more...)

Message from LCIF Trustee Sandro Castellana
News from LCIF (Aug 2022)

August LCIF Board of Trustees approved 76 grants totaling US$4,628,949; all 23 applications from CA4 Europe (US$ 938,263) have been approved. LCIF Board approved that the Childhood Cancer and Hunger Pilot grant programs be made permanent. The new unified LCI/LCIF Mission statement has been approved.
October LCIF Executive Committee reviewed Financial projections for next ten years: LCIF’s sustainable growth ensures that 100% of donations are used for grant programs; administrative and development costs are covered by the return on investments.    (more...)

Message from PID Robert Rettby
CA4 LCIF Co-CA Leader
and webmaster of this webpage

This section of this website is a plateform for our International and European leadership:
Discover their messages as they are being uploaded.

Many thanks to our leaders for their messages and for their future messages.

Europa Forum 2024

The Europa Forum in Klagenfurt was a great success. Congratulations and many thanks to the Host Comittee

The next Europa Europa Forum will be in Bordeaux, and the Host Committee is already eager to welcome you.
COme back soon to find the new website

More messages to come

Welcome back to this page as we are regularly posting further messages from our international leadership, articles, links and important information..

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Download important CA4 files

This is where we will regularily upload important CA4 files, such as videos, images, documents etc,
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Europa Forum Files

We have upoaded the minutes of the European Council meetings since 2012, and other documents, such as proceedings, will also soomn be available. You will find the links on a
 click to the dedicated page here

Longe Range Planning Comittee Europe

This is where you will find infomration and minutes for the LRPC Europe
 click to the dedicated page here

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Refugee Relief Meeting at EF 2023

The Refugee Relief Committee of the European Forum was created by the European Council at the Montreux EF in 2017. It's aim is to inform Lions about the refugee issues in Europe, to engage them in helping the populations in distress and to coordinate the actions undertaken. Here are the presentations at the EF 2023 seminar:

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